MEET The founders...


Will Marsh (Founder / CEO)

Will, the jack of all trades when it comes to business and design. Would probably win the apprentice if he wasn't too busy being a nerd or playing rugby. His love for egg (rugby ball) chasing has seen him described as a poor mans Martin Johnson, but certainly a better looking one. With a talent for droneography and photography, he knows his fair share of tech... just not as much as Zak.

Favourite beer: Whitstable Bay
Favourite colour: Green
City of birth: Hong Kong (No joke)
Favourite movie: Love Actually
Favourite artist/band: Genesis
Favourite album: E.L.O - All Over The World
Favourite song: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody


Zak Benjamin (Co-Founder / Creative Director)

Zak, the creative maestro (that loves Chelsea a bit too much). Has received the golden boot award 7 years running since 2011. He is either scoring screamers, making bad beats or designing and creating stunning content. He is an artist on and off the pitch. 

Favourite beer: Brooklyn Pale Ale
Favourite colour: Blue
City of birth: London
Favourite movie: Back To The Future
Favourite artist/band: Floating Points
Favourite album: Michael Jackson - Thriller
Favourite song: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax

We are currently looking for more passionate and awesome people to join the adventure.  Are you a Brand Ambassador? Are you a salesman? Are you a student looking for some extra money? Get in contact!